Tuesday, 25 October 2011

o sea d

Just done a tee shirt print design for Wavedreamer called O sea D. Its inspiration was our obsession with all things nautical, especially waves and surfboards.
One of my current nautical obsessions is riding an Alaia, a replica of what ol Capt'n Cook first found the ancient Hawaiians frolicking on in the surf way back in the day.

I have some vague notions taking shape in my head about a movie on these and other various bits of wooden items that can be used to ride waves on, and i think this could be the start of a little idea Im calling "the wood n float"project for now.

I guess the appeal of these rudimentary craft is they allow you to just experience the joy of riding a wave without the attachment of needing to perform anything rad to feel you have had a good surf.

A bit like your first ever clean face ride.

I have been experimenting with some POV stuff, and i know its not Brian Conley in Mexico, but hopefully it can give you just a glimpse of what sliding along on a 3/4" thick piece of wood feels like.

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