Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Coast to Coast

Stand up paddleboarders, "scourge of the line up, take too many waves, all Laird wannabees", blah blah craftist blah.

After having spent 10 days with Charlie Grey documenting his epic voyage across the country, my narrow minded opinion on paddleboarding has been shattered, and i have a new found respect for the sweepers.

Still probably best if they keep to rivers though. ha ha just kidding! x

PS- This is a personal graded edit as the official Wavedreamer version is au natural, and Ive just got a bit of a grading fetish going on.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Change of reasons

Were you ever good at those Rubix cube things? I was rubbish, never really had the staying power or brain capacity to figure it out. Once i got bored of being transfixed by its aesthetics it got tossed aside for something less challenging like a crayon.

Well ive been butting my head against a software plug-in called Twixtor, which creates amazingly beautiful slow motion, if you get it right. It can also be annoyingly confounding and uncooperative, which is what my first few weeks of trying to figure it out were like. A bit like that frikken cube malarky.

Then my whizkid buddy Lance shows me some key settings and presto, buttery smooth slow mo. Almost as good as having a wee after holding it in for 10 hours!

Here is the first application of it for me, hope you like.

Change of Reasons from wavedreamer on Vimeo.