Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Job satisfaction

I love this job, I get to work with people doing some interesting stuff, and the camera seems to connect me to these people and experiences that I probably wouldnt if not for that context.

Recently I got to go with one of Wavedreamers athletes, Nick Thorn, to cover him paddling across the English channel to France.

It was a fun day out, I got to record Nick tackling one of his crazy challenges, and have a sneaky beer on French soil.

I also get to work with a talented young musician in the form of Bastie Latham who made the track for this video, Enjoy.

Nick Thorn Paddles across the English Channel from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Paradise found

Ever had that feeling when you standing in the Q at the fun fair about to get on a ride so cleverly designed purely to scare the crap outta you, and really wondered what the fuck you doing in that Q and shouldnt you be nowhere near this crazy deathtrap that you sure was probably not serviced in the last 15 years, the guy operating it looks like he is still tripping at a Gratefull dead concert and im sure i just saw a loose bolt fall off it, but you standing in this Q anyway and the next thing your balls are in the back of your throat and it feels like your face is twisted 180 degrees around your skull, any mundane thoughts instantly displaced with a high octane shot of A grade adrenalin.

Then it ends and your all giddy, your alive, you love everyone, the colors are bright and the world is a beautifull place.

Going to Hawaii was exactly like that for me, before i had even got out the airport.

Here are some pics shot with my beloved 35mm.